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     Here at Saigon Dragon we take great pride and care in the preperation of our dishes by using nothing but fresh wholesome ingredients. We make each dish as if we were serving our own family and loved ones, that is what makes our food stand out from the rest. Did I mention that we do not cook with MSG in any of our dishes? When you pour your heart and soul into your cooking it shows, welcome to the family! 

​     When you hear "Asian Cuisine" you usually think a specific type of Asian like 'Chinese' or 'Vietnamese'. Well, our family and staff hail from all over Asia, so I guess you can say that we are experienced in various Asian Cuisines. It takes a lot of 

dedication and passion to replicate each regional dish with that home style feel, which works out for our customers. We do all the hard work and our customers get to enjoy the end results.

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